Introduction To Plant Biotechnology, 3/E

Oxford and IBH Publishing - 2009-01-01

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  • Author(s) : Chawla
Description :

Contents: Plant Tissue Culture: Introduction / Laboratory Organization / Nutrition Medium / Sterilization Techniques / Types of Culture / Micropro-pagation / Cell Suspension and Secondary Metabolites / In vitro Production of Haploids / Protoplast Isolation and Fusion / Somaclonal Variation / Germplasm Storage and Cryopreservation Genetic Material and its Organization: Genetic Material / Organization of DNA and Gene Expression Recombinant DNA Technology: Basic Techniques / Gene Cloning: Cutting and Joining DNA Molecules / Gene Cloning: Vectors / Gene Cloning: cDNA and Genomic Cloning and Analysis of Cloned DNA Sequences / Polymerase Chain Reaction / In Vitro Mutagenesis / Transposon Genetic Elements and Gene Tagging / Gene Isolation / Molecular Markers and Marker-Assisted Selection / Gene Transfer Methods / Chloroplast and Mitochondrion DNA Transformation / Transgenics in Crop Improvement / Impact of Recombinant DNA Technology / Biosafety Concerns and Regulatory Framework / Genomics / Bioinformatics / Intellectual Property Rights